Gone Green

After many different directions, I have decided to take this blog green. In addition to the occasional other news I may pop off on, I will be offering green tips and tricks from myself and the web. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Beware cigarette smugglers

Nope, no meth problem, murder problem, immigration problem here in Tennessee. We got it all covered. Now, we just get you for bringing cigarettes from surrounding state. A massive tax on cigarettes has caused Tennesseans to visit surrounding states and buying cigarettes at a cheaper rate. Not anymore. Now, if caught doing this, with 2 to 24 cartons in your car, you get a misdemeanor and chance to lose your car, more then 25 cartons, felony, jail time, car repossessed.

Of all the stupid things to enforce, they choose this. We have illegals entering the state( and getting health care in some areas), meth labs everywhere and they go after smokers.

A direct quote from Knoxnews.com


Under state law, bringing more than two cartons of cigarettes into the state without paying Tennessee taxes is a “Class B” misdemeanor, carrying punishment of up to six months in jail and/or a $500 fine. Bringing 25 or more cartons is a “Class E” felony, with minimum penalty of one year in prison and a maximum of six years plus a fine of up to $3,000.

In addition, the specific state statute dealing with untaxed cigarettes provides that vehicles used to transport more than two cartons “are considered contraband and are subject to seizure,” says a Department of Revenue statement."

Time to contact authorities in Tennessee and let them know we do not appreciate this waste of our tax money.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Russia at it again?

Is Russia rearing its head yet again? Recent events seem most alarming from that area of the world. Testing a new bomb, resuming air flights( which caused british pilots to be scrambled), and even dissolving the cabinet.

Some look on Russia and condemn them for this. But look at it for a minute from the worlds point of view. the US has taken a rather aggressive stance recently. Russia may, or probably does feel threatened. They dont want to get caught undefended. They just want to defend whats theirs.

Its time the US started looking at its self from other countries point of view. Maybe then we will realize, its time we need to slow down and take care of home first.