Gone Green

After many different directions, I have decided to take this blog green. In addition to the occasional other news I may pop off on, I will be offering green tips and tricks from myself and the web. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to escape from it all

Financial, physical and emotional stress can bring a person down fast. You have to remember to get some "you" time in there to get away from it all. There are several hobbies one can do to help unwind.

Fishing is a great relaxation for many people, and it doesn't require much time or money to do. A fishing pole, fishing license, bait and water. Preferably the water has fish in it or else you could just do it in your front yard. The major plus about fishing is it gets you outside in the fresh air, near trees and water. Nothing is more relaxing then the breeze off the water blowing through the trees. You don't have to catch anything, just enjoy the air.

Hiking is another very relaxing activity. It requires no investment except decent shoes. I know a lot of people like to hike in flip flops and sandals, but really people, thats just asking for trouble. A snake bite, rock/tree cut and your foot is ruined. If you dont have hiking shoes, at least go with tennis shoes. Keep the toes closed in please. Before you hit the trail, make sure somebody knows where you are going, because most of the time cell phones dont work on remote trails. Check the weather, and don't hike on a trail above your ability. If you are out of shape and a smoker, avoid anything to put a strain on your lungs and body. You are doing this to relax, not die.

These are just a couple brief suggestions. Whatever you do, enjoy it, have fun, and relax.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving hints and tips

Having just completed a move from one house to another, I thought I would share some tips, does and don't to help with this overwhelming task.

First is make a timeline and a list. Put down the date of your move. Next is to make a list of stuff you need to do at your new house before you move in. Examples are cable, utility, phone hookups. These can take anywhere from the next day to two weeks, so plan ahead. Also make your reservations for your moving van or moving company.

Get your home owners insurance in place before you move. You don't want to be moving and something drops off the dolly and falls through the floor, and then you have to out of pocket it. Also check to see if you need flood insurance, hurricane, earthquake etc.

Change your address. You can do it online now at usps.gov. This saves a lot of time, but if you can be sure and go by the post office and pick up a moving packet, free coupons are always good.

If you are moving yourself, spend the extra $10 for a furniture dolly, it will save you a lot of time and sore muscles. These are amazing and absolutely essential.

Pack, label and stack accordingly. Make a pile of 2 to 3 boxes of your essentials you will need immediately. Such as aspirin, alcohol and pringles. Okay, well maybe more then that. A good example is a change of clothes, some food, medicine, towles and bathroom toiletries. Label this box well and put it where is can be accessed easy. Also label all boxes with where they go and what they have in it. It makes a huge difference.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Disgusted at WIVK

I have been a listener of WIVK since I can remember. However Thursday they disgusted me beyond reason. There was a tragic school shooting at Central High School that resulted in the death of a student.

WIVK had their frog mascot on location at a local company that specializes in personal safety. I am not and will not put their name here, because I do not want to give them any advertisement. WIVK and WIVK listeners know who I am talking about. In addition to this, they aired commercials with the comments along the lines of "in this day and time, when tragedy can happen anywhere, only one place can help protect your loved ones". It also made several veiled references to this safety company.

It is absolutely disgusting to see this type of commercialization. I understand companies try to find a niche and promote themselves, but airing these commercials withing hours of the shooting is disgusting. The company promotes self defense and stun guns/tasers.

I understand business is business, but I also believe companies need to be responsible for what they promote. Several people I have talked to are outraged. WIVK, be mindful of your audience when accepting commercial spots.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wonderful Ceiling Fans

A warm summer breeze, a ceiling fans sound droning on and putting you to sleep, people gasping in awe of your beautiful fan over your dining room table, or even one on your front porch cooling you down after a hard days work, a ceiling fan for all dreams and desires can be found at Farreys.com.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, their easy to use customization engine will help you. Looking for a fan by style or brand? No problem, its very easy to use. Maybe you are not sure what you want, or even know enough to determine what you need? Well, just browse by brands. Farreys features many popular brand names such as Casablanca, Monte Carlo, Hunter, and Ellington.

A quick browse and search revealed many models and designs. There appears to be a model for every situation. They even have a search engine for people on a budget, so you can narrow your search to a range you can afford. Personally, I always prefer to search by price, regardless if I am searching for a car, truck, fan or computer. They also have a contact number that is very visible on the page, and does not require any effort to find.

Farreys has been in business since 1924, serving clients for over 80 years with a drive to deliver the best product, in a friendly manner. Give the website a browse, get some fans, and get ready for the warmer weather.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Grocery savings

We all need to save money, because it doesn't grow on trees. Some of the tips I give do not cost money, but they do require a bit of time and research.

Most areas have farmers markets. These are usually a very good place to get good deals on fresh vegetables. Once you establish a relationship with certain ones, you can sometimes get better deals, or they let you come pick it yourself for half price. The gas prices are forcing all farmers more to get their product to market, and to even maintain it. A lot of the smaller ones use farmers markets to unload without the double mark up you get from the big grocery stores. Plus you can talk to them directly and find out what they use fertilizer/pesticide wise, and its a good bet most will not have growth hormones.

Plus local homegrown food taste so yummy!!

Here is a list for East Tennessee markets.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Making gas last longer

Gas is still outrageously overpriced, and we still have to go places. There are many ways to make gas last longer, if we just think a little and pay attention.

1. Drive the speed limit. I know, we all hate to do it, but speeding may get you there faster, but it will consume more gas.

2. Plot your course in advance. Know where you are going and try and take the shortest route. Try to avoid unnecessary backups and trips.

3. Intelligent shopping. Do your shopping on one day a week, get everything you need in one trip. Multiple trips to the store not only affects your gas, it affects your grocery bill, because most people will pick up a few extra things per trip.

4. Plan. Plan your trips, vacations, etc. Try to refrain from many spur of the moment trips.

Just by following these few tips, you can cut back on your gas consumption.