Gone Green

After many different directions, I have decided to take this blog green. In addition to the occasional other news I may pop off on, I will be offering green tips and tricks from myself and the web. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Drama Llama Strikes again

Ahh, to be a "celebrity" in this world would be amazing. Guest shows, talk circuit, people following your every move.

Being caught in lie after lie and still trying to blame everybody else. Poor Carrie Prejean, if only she would have had the common sense to not act offended when the past is released about her. For somebody claiming the moral high ground, she sure is taking the low road a lot lately. Lied about nude pictures, lied about a sex tape, insulted half the people in California. Actually, of all the things she has done, that is the one I respect from her. Sure her opinion on gay marriage pissed off half the world, but at least she was honest and true to herself over that.

Unfortunately, her honesty fell to the wayside on other details.

Oh, and she made quite the fool of herself on Larry King last night.