Gone Green

After many different directions, I have decided to take this blog green. In addition to the occasional other news I may pop off on, I will be offering green tips and tricks from myself and the web. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Financial Terrorism

Financial terrorism is what this country is facing at the moment, led by big oil companies. By attacking the very nerve point of this country, it is causing ripple affects through the economy. Higher gas is leading to higher food, higher clothing, less travel, less spending and a crashing economy.

Why is this being allowed to continue? Why hasn't congress or the president stepped in? Why are average Americans working for gas money, so they can continue to work?

Many Americans drive SUV's and are now stuck with them for the simple reason that they have no resale value anymore, or are upside down in the payment, or are in such a credit mess they can't get financing.

The rich are getting richer even through this crisis. There can be no other explanation for the "foreclosure relief act" or whatever fancy name they called it. Given credit to people who buy foreclosures. How about doing something to keep them from being foreclosed? Rich are buying them up like candy, renting them out to people who lost their homes, and will re-sell them for double the amount in a few years. All the while enjoying their tax breaks.

It's disgusting. And whats more disgusting is that we as Americans are letting it happen.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Online savings with coupons

With riswing gas prices, cost of living increase, and even bread rising, its time to surf for some more savings. I found just the website. Couponchief.com has an abundance of much needed savings.

Spring is coming, so one area I am looking for savings is in lawn and garden. Lucky for me, couponchief has just what I need. Home depot is on there, with monster savings. Free shipping, 20 to 50% off in a clearance section, Plus even some 10% off + free shipping bargains. This will not only save money, by getting a nice savings, but it will also save gas, which as we all know is a priority.

So, lets see, now I have the yard taken care of, but what about my new camaro I just bought. I guess it would be too much to hope for that they have JCWhitney there. Yes, even JCWhitney is located on this page, with very nice savings.

Now, lets see, mothers day is coming up, as well as a few birthdays and such. What one store always says it best? Could they possibly have a hallmark section as well? Yep, surely they do. Hallmark coupons are online, making shopping for mom a breeze.

Now, I have found the three things I was going to drive all over the city for, saving myself time, money, and gas.

Vampire Electronics

Vampire electronics, energy sucking denizens of the night, stealing pennies from our very pockets. These electronic devices consume power even when you think they are safely turned off. Everything from your cell phone charger to the cable box on your tv, they are all guilty of this crime.

In recent years, the term vampire electronics has become something of a catch name for electronic devices that still consume power even when turned off. There may be a difference as small as a single watt, all the way up to possible over 100 watts of power. Little by little, this adds up, creating a higher then necessary electric bill. Here are a few handy tips to help cut down on the amount of electronics causing this, and how to be more aware of what is gnawing pennies from your pocket.

  1. 1. Consumer electronics. TV's, DVD's, stereo systems, and even just the cable box are all guilty. When the switch is turned to the off position, these devices still consume power. There are two solutions to this. One solution is to plug them all into a surge protector strip, and when they are not being used, turn the strip off. Another solution for those that may not want to do this, is to install a timed strip, and have it turn off when you are not around the house, or overnight when sleeping.

  2. Battery Chargers. All types, cell phone, razor, cordless drills, cameras, anything that charges some sort of a battery needs to be unplugged from the wall once the battery is charged. Just a quick walk through my house the other day discovered 5 separate chargers plugged in, consuming power. It's a habit we have gotten into, and one we need to break.

  3. Computers. A lot of people leave their computers on all the time. This is bad from an energy conservation standpoint. With power supplies approaching and surpassing 800 watts, that is just power going down the drain.

These are a few simple ways to save energy in your home, and to keep your pennies in your own pocket.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tired of the official polls?

So, I am very tired of all the polls that focus on a select few demographics. Naturally, being the number crunching nerd I am, I created a nice little online survey, that takes less then a minute to complete. I am going to run it for two weeks, then repost the results, in all its excel glory to this blog

Please, feel free to take it, then check back in to see what an unbiased poll looks like!

The link is Our Next president.