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Monday, April 21, 2008

Financial Terrorism

Financial terrorism is what this country is facing at the moment, led by big oil companies. By attacking the very nerve point of this country, it is causing ripple affects through the economy. Higher gas is leading to higher food, higher clothing, less travel, less spending and a crashing economy.

Why is this being allowed to continue? Why hasn't congress or the president stepped in? Why are average Americans working for gas money, so they can continue to work?

Many Americans drive SUV's and are now stuck with them for the simple reason that they have no resale value anymore, or are upside down in the payment, or are in such a credit mess they can't get financing.

The rich are getting richer even through this crisis. There can be no other explanation for the "foreclosure relief act" or whatever fancy name they called it. Given credit to people who buy foreclosures. How about doing something to keep them from being foreclosed? Rich are buying them up like candy, renting them out to people who lost their homes, and will re-sell them for double the amount in a few years. All the while enjoying their tax breaks.

It's disgusting. And whats more disgusting is that we as Americans are letting it happen.

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