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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Disgusted at WIVK

I have been a listener of WIVK since I can remember. However Thursday they disgusted me beyond reason. There was a tragic school shooting at Central High School that resulted in the death of a student.

WIVK had their frog mascot on location at a local company that specializes in personal safety. I am not and will not put their name here, because I do not want to give them any advertisement. WIVK and WIVK listeners know who I am talking about. In addition to this, they aired commercials with the comments along the lines of "in this day and time, when tragedy can happen anywhere, only one place can help protect your loved ones". It also made several veiled references to this safety company.

It is absolutely disgusting to see this type of commercialization. I understand companies try to find a niche and promote themselves, but airing these commercials withing hours of the shooting is disgusting. The company promotes self defense and stun guns/tasers.

I understand business is business, but I also believe companies need to be responsible for what they promote. Several people I have talked to are outraged. WIVK, be mindful of your audience when accepting commercial spots.

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