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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Men welcome to the 30's

So, you have hit 30, you feel your life is over when in reality it is just beginning. As long as we men are in our 20’s we still can maintain that 20 something mentality. Once we hit 30, our perspective changes. We look in the mirror and notice that our stomach no longer shows that 6 pack, but appears to be the result of many 6 packs. Our guns are without ammo, we have some wrinkles, our hairline may be receding, our butt is disappearing, and our pecs are soon becoming fleshy man boobs. We are hit with the realization that we are getting older.

Some men handle this well, start back to the gym, eat better, cut out the late night beer drinking, quit smoking, and have a complete lifestyle change. Others shrug, figure there is nothing to do about it, go buy a fast car to compensate, and try to live with it.

Life doesn’t end in the 30’s guys, it just begins. At this age we should have a good idea what we are doing with our lives, most of us married or divorced, have kids, have a career. We have work commitments, family commitments, children’s sports, wife/girlfriends, and hopefully good credit by this time. We feel pulled apart in many directions and feel at times that we never have enough time for everything. Obviously we put our kids and significant others first, and our jobs, then ourselves.

There are some things we can do to ease the stress of the 30’s and get some of that energy back.

  • Get plenty of sleep: We aren’t spring chickens anymore. We can’t go all the time on just 5 hours a night. Make sure you have a comfortable sleeping environment, no TV in the bedroom, no computers, nothing that gives off any ambient light.
  • Eat healthy: It’s hard to eat healthy in a world of constant being on the go, but make it a priority to try and eat the healthiest you can when you can.
  • Couple time: Schedule some time for just you and your wife/girlfriend. You all are both going in opposite directions all day long; you need to re-connect frequently to keep that bond intact and growing. Relationships aren’t a whim, they are a commitment.
  • Exercise time: Make sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in a day. This relieves stress, keeps the blood flowing and actually gives you energy.

These are just a few tips to help us men cope with the fact that we aren’t getting any younger. Getting older is a fact of life, and in reality, it sure beats the alternative.

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