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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mens Advice: Enduring the heat

Its hot. Hot and humid. Temperatures are in the upper 90's, heat index near 110. The heat takes your breathe away just by stepping outside, you begin to sweat in seconds. That good looking woman in the office next to yours looks good, cool, and very non-sweaty. What should you do next? Well, unbuttoning the top button on your shirt and flexing your fleshy man boobs wont get you noticed, except snickered at. How do you beat the heat and still manage to flash that winning smile?

Dress cool for hot weather. If you aren't required to wear a tie, don't wear one. Wear short sleeves if possible, and if wearing a dress shirt, wear an undershirt. You may think the extra shirt will be hotter, but by wearing an undershirt ( and no, not your old rotted motley crue shirt) you will avoid the unkempt look of having your shirt plastered to your chest, and reduce the amount of armpit sweat you show the world.

Keep that mop on your head trimmed short, keep all facial hair ( if you have any ) trimmed short and close to the face. The hair style may be loose and floppy, but a close trimmed haircut will cut down on the sweat, and keep your hair looking professional for the better part of the day.

If you are going to exercise, get up early before the heat of the day and get in your workout before work. Take a shower before getting re-dressed for work, and make sure you drink plenty of water to cool yourself down. Throughout the day be sure and stay hydrated, snack lightly, and keep heavy meals to a bare minimum. Be sure and wear loose fitting pants and shirts, and light colored clothes as well. Use deodorant! That should be common knowledge, but it is amazing how many do not do this. Keep drinking the night before to a bare minimum, or avoid alcohol all together. If you do sweat, the alcohol smell will be all around you.

If you have a flashy convertible, it is best to keep the top up and the AC on. Sure, it may use a bit more gas, but in hot humid weather you will overheat quickly, and still sweat.

Not much you can do about the heat, but following these simple steps will help ensure if she looks your way, she probably won't wrinkle her nose and look away.

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