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Friday, October 12, 2007

Tennessee, Going Down Hill

Well, once again we find ourselves living under oppression and retarded laws in Tennessee. A sales tax on cigarettes putting Tennessee higher then surrounding states, beer tax that is higher, teachers flamed for having a life, and law enforcement with the power to take your car and throw you in jail for transporting cigarettes and beer from across state boarders. And of course, every bodies favorite, its now illegal to smoke anywhere that is not exclusive 21 and up. No more restaurants, clubs, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, law officials can stop you, seize your cigarettes, even your car, and throw you in jail of fine you if caught purchasing cigarettes across the state line and returning to Tennessee. Now they mentioned the same goes for alcohol. Maybe you should spend some time cracking down on meth labs, or corrupt judges, or making judges accountable for absolute stupid, asinine decisions they make. Such as giving custody of children to a father because the mother practiced her religion. Separation of church and state there judge. The two don't mix. Maybe you neglected to read the fact that the father was of the SAME Religion. Or what of the woman who had orders of protection, because of the father breaking her jaw, pushing her down the stairs, and sneaking back into the house. An order of protection that was filed by the police officers who investigated. And you give this man custody?

Now, what about poor Melissa England. A teacher, who had pictures of herself online that maybe were a little revealing, and you suspend her? Parents in an outrage? Hello, stupid parents, what are your kids doing on a website that would show that? Why should you be such bad parents and expect the state to raise your kids? Its not the entertainment industries fault, or the internet, or anything else's fault your kids are heathens. Its yours. You are the parent, act like one. This country is turning into a bunch of worthless morons with over-inflated sense of self-entitlement. Expect everything to be done for them, and blame everybody else for their problems.

Tennessee, wake up, or we will be living under the thumb of oppression.

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