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Monday, December 3, 2007

Bowl season

BCS bowl season has released their games. Ohio state???? Ohio state?? Who have they played this year? Nobody, thats who. Didnt they learn their lesson last year at the hand of the Gators? LSU will demolish them even more. LSU, who beat a good UT team, while playing with a back up QB, with a busted finger on his throwing hand.

Oklahoma and LSU should be playing for the national championship. USC should be playing Georgia in the rose bowl. Illinois shouldn't be in the bsc. As it stands now Hawaii will be embarrassed, as will Illinois.

When are we going to get a playoff system for college football? Keep the bowl games as always, but each conference needs a championship game, then the conferences need to get in a playoff structure for the national championship.

Of course the MAC, ACC, Big Ten will never agree. Every year would be the SEC and Big 12. The SEC is hands down the toughest conference in the country, nobody can deny it. No other conference has as many teams in the top 25 consitantly, nor does any conference have the amount of good teams in it as the SEC. If the Ohio states, Hawaii's, and other schools want some respect, schedule tennesse, georgia, bama, floride and other SEC teams in their schedule. Prove they deserve to be there by playing the BEST teams in the nation. Its no coincedence that most of the "plays of the year" have an SEC team taking part in it.

At the end of the year, we will have LSU #1, Georgia #2, and 2 more SEC teams in the top 10.

Its time for a playoff, time to end the pretending, time to end the guessing.

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