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Friday, January 18, 2008


"Begun, the clone war has." So spoke Jedi Master Yoda. His words from a sci-fi movie may be ringing true. In recent news the FDA said its okay to eat cloned animals. Hey, great, more food huh.

Shortly thereafter it was also announced that a human has been successfully cloned, in the laboratory of course, and not actually allowed to live. But it was the first time a human embryo clone had occurred, according to news anyway, in the U.S.A.

If we add two and two together, we come to the conclusion that the FDA just approved the agencies to clone humans for food.

Read it again, yeah, I went there. Realistically, this isn't true. Well, more then likely anyway. However it brings up a question. How far are we willing to go? Back when cloning began, it had a sci-fi feel too it. Scientist warned of the complications involved in cloning animals and humans, and the ethics. Animals are being successfully cloned and living longer, almost as much as humans. I can see the benefits of this to supplement food supplies in needy countries.

But human cloning? This opens the door to moral, ethical, and scientific questions. Should we? Should we develop a life just to test it? What mental state would it have? How deep in the genetic code is the original? If developing a clone, bringing it full term to childbirth, infecting it with childhood diseases to find cures, and then finding a cure for cancer and saving lives happened, would it be wrong?

A situation that definitely bears watching.

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