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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Starving in America

Starving in America. Never thought it would be as commonplace as it is now. Starving for relief from financial worries, gas problems, and medical problems. Gas is skyrocketing, with no end in sight, and nobody has a plan. Hilary has proposed one, but nothing will stop the oil companies from raising prices so we are still paying the same, and then the tax money will be gone from the road construction.

People are in the beginnings of a panic, some are even in full panic mode. Every day its a worry about providing for the family, getting to work, getting the kids to school, paying for gas and food. Where will the money come from? Getting a loan, if one is even accepted, will just provide temporary relief, then the first payment comes due, and its even more to worry about. Some people are losing their homes, some are losing their jobs, and others can't even provide food for their kids. Many parents are going without just to provide. Senior citizens are feeling the crunch on fixed incomes. Everything is increasing in price, but their incoming is staying the same.

Food prices are on the increase, causing even more stress and worry. Just to get a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, sandwich meat, and cheese is near $15 now. Its no longer a matter of getting by, its fast becoming a matter of survival. How many more Americans will be homeless by the end of the month? How many will go without their prescriptions just to eat? The travel industry will feel the sting by months end, because a vacation is out of reach. The thought of spending $1000+ just to get away for a week will discourage many from traveling.

What can be done about this? What should be done? For one, the government will have to step in and put their foot down. They need a mandatory decrease in gas prices, to below the $3/gal level. Force it there. The billion dollar profit of the oil companies will be fine. Second, instead of providing incentives to purchase foreclosure, they need to find a way to prevent them. Most mortgage companies and credit companies are going through bankruptcy. Its not going to matter to them, maybe they can not pay their executives multi-million dollar payouts. Institute a "debt forgiveness plan". Forgive x% of debt per american family, making less then $60k per single person, or $100k per family. Base it off their debt to income ratio.

Allow tax break finally for parents that pay child support. The handful that do pay are carrying the cost of the child, without the tax break that comes with it. This would also induce others to pay, knowing they are getting credit back.

Get the car manufactures to actually think for a second. No vehicle should get below 25mpg. No argument can be made that 16mpg is "good". Its bull and we know it. Also give rebates/tax breaks for people trading in the gas guzzlers for better mileage vehicles.

Quit taking our corn and grain for "alternate fuel". Its starving America. Thats more food that could be put on the table at a cheaper cost.

This is a suggestions. Some things we should not do is destroy the wilderness area's or begin coastal drilling for oil. I have seen this come up time and time again, and it seems to be a ploy by oil companies to open restricted drilling. So they can make more money of course.

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