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Friday, November 7, 2008

Mr. Obama's Challenges

As predicted, Obama is now the president of the USA. He is facing more challenges then any other candidate before him has. Two wars, a decaying economy, horrible job market, housing problems, and general disaster at home and abroad.

The first thing he needs to do it begin fixing the economy. Step one of this is put his foot down on Pilot, BP, Shell, Exxon and the like. Curb their prices, disallow the price control they exhibit over this country. If they have record billion dollar profits, they are doing something wrong. Once gas is regulated, food and utililty prices will come down a bit.

Second is the jobless problem. This will take longer because jobs have to be created, and money has to be available to do so.

Third the wars. He has promised to continue to fight Al Queda, and pull the troops out of Iraq. Good luck with that.

International policy. Yes, world leaders are rejoicing. Rejoicing we have an untested, untried president. Russia is thumbing their nose in your face by expaning their missle policy, china owns us through trade debt, plus the middle east.

Time to drop the change we need, all for change, hold hands dance and be lovely dovey. Time to get firm, decisive, and make the change that the country needs.

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