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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimulus time again

Ah that time of year, when the stimulus package is working its way through congress. Such a happy time, expecting so much help from the government.

Only to find out it is the equivalent of getting cold coal for Christmas as a kid. Nothing in there is going to help anybody out, except the ones who have lost their jobs. I am beginning to believe nobody has a clue on how to fix the economy, other then throw money at it like a monkey flinging poo. And if it keeps up, that's pretty much going to be the equivalent of our money, a big pile of stinking monkey poo.

As I am writing this, the DOW is down a couple hundred points again. Overseas markets were all tanked again over night.

Foreclosures and job loss is up again. How is the stimulus going to help? Where is that money going to go to help them? Well, to be honest, no where. Where is the help for schools? So many school districts are facing shortfalls, there is more job losses coming.

The auto industry needs help. I know, its on the books right now, and I know as well most Americans just think screw em, let them fail. Take a minute and think about how catastrophic this will be to the economy, and the job industry. Think of your neighbors who work at that plant down the road. Now try and remember what they said they do there. Yeah, auto parts manufacture. Not for napa, or autozone, but for GM directly. What happens to those plants when the big three fail. They will lose their job as well.

The economy is getting worse, nose diving and bellyfloping on the pond of life. Only suggestions I have is to plan ahead. If you can afford an extra couple cans of non perishable food, or find a deal on buy one get one free deodorant, grab it. Keep what you can built up, it could be your job gone tomorrow.

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