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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Resistance is Futile

Ah Star Trek, the Next Generation gave us the borg, and the beginning of the popular, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Those were the first words through my head this morning as I read this wonderful tidbit.

"Dozens of the nation's largest insurance firms must decide whether to honor a request from House Democrats for detailed financial records, part of an investigation into executive compensation and other business practices in an industry that opposes President Barack Obama's health care proposals." Source

So here is the short of it, the insurance companies have been opposing Obama's pet reform plan, so now the white house is going after the insurance companies. Sound familiar? First the banking industry, then the auto industry, now the insurance industry. I know Obama's stalewart followers will hoot and holler saying its time to bring the wealthy to their knees. I say, keep the governement out of the private sector. While this is going on, more jobs and homes are being lost, and Obama is just smiling and telling everybody its going to be ok, his plans will work. Sorry, they aren't.

Its time to keep some of those campaign promises, be honest. Tell the American people the truth, of how the economy is borked. Tell them about the immenent failure of banks coming soon. Tell them about the new record deficit. Tell us about the record debt this country has.

Time for real honesty.

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