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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Condemnation for Rape Watchers

By now most people have heard of the tragic gang rape that occurred in California. A girl was gang raped for over 2 hours outside of her school homecoming dance. Not only is this disgusting and tragic enough, what makes this even more horrifying is police believe up to 10 people stood around and watched it happen.

How dare you call yourselves human and watch this young juvenile girl get repeatedly raped. Police believe up to 4 or 5 actually raped her over the course of 2 hours, and that several people stood and watched and did nothing! Did nothing! Did none of you scum have a cell phone that you could have dialed 911 with? Did none of you bother to run to the school for help? Why are none of you coming forward now? How would you feel if that was your friend, your sister, your daughter and you found out about it?

Its horrible enough she was raped, even worse by multiple people, but even inconceivable that it all happened while people stood and watched, and even a couple may have participated as well. This is a sign of whats wrong with this country. If even one of you had any balls, or any courage this poor girl would not be in the shape she is in, and the dregs of society that did this would all be in jail now, or at least identified.

How do you sleep at night, or look yourself in the mirror? I hope none of you are sleeping at all, and every second of every day is filled with the horror of what you witnessed, and that your conscience has finally awoken and is making your life a living hell. You can ease it somewhat by coming forward and telling what you know!

Know that every problem this young girl suffers is your fault, know that every bruise, every second of mental anguish is your fault. You may not have done the deed, but you stood by and allowed it to happen, which is as bad as those who did the deed themselves.

Prayers go out to this young girl, her family and friend, and many hopes to the police investigating this that they will catch not only the participants, but the cowardly watchers as well. I hope the prosecuting attorney goes after them all.

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