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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big brother at it again

A bill passed in 2005 with a premise as emergency military spending and tsunami relief has reared its ugly head in the form of Big Brother in our business. The "Real ID" combines state issued cards and drivers license into one ID card, or as the DHS claims, an essential weapon in the war on terrorism.

A National ID card was buried in the first patriot act as well, but never really took ground. It appears now this card will be required to even visit a national park! What does a national park have to do with terrorism? Are the bears and boars in cahoots with the terrorist? Are they afraid a family may now be able to go enjoy a picnic without being monitored by big brother?

According the the Real Id plan, all citizens must apply for a card no later then 2013. When applying one will be required to bring a birth certificate, photo ID, proof of social security, and proof of residence. I wonder if illegal immigrants will be required to show all this. Why are we, the American people being forced into this? If they want to stop terrorist from entering the country, then start at the borders instead of letting millions of illegals in, then giving them money and housing! Since when did being an American mean oppressed under the government?

This plan is expected to cost states $14 billion over the next decade, and only has funding approved for $40 million. But don't worry if your state doesn't have the bill in place, Chertoff says this is not a mandate; however citizens who live in states without the "Real Id" will not have an ID acceptable for federal purposes.

For more information on this see CNN or wiki.

The Wiki has lots of information, plus other links to pages with more information.


ThreeLeggedDog said...

Makes no sense whatsoever, these Real IDs. Once Real ID is proven to be another Federal Government red herring, what's the next step, implanted RFID for each of us "to protect us from terrorism". Hell, I'm more worried about the damn government infringing upon my life more and more than I am about terrorists to be quite honest. All these bums, Republicans, Democrats, bureaucrats alike need to be run out office and people with real common sense installed. Ridiculous. I, for one, say we all give the government the big middle finger. Come and get me if you can big brother.

ZipperMan said...

Bush has said frequently that the terrorists "hate us because we're free." Even if that was every true (NOT), they have NO cause for envy now. Close your curtains, folks, Big Brother is watching.