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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Whittle Springs Middle-Knoxville TN

Had some complaints from my daughter and some of her friends about the cafeteria in whittle springs middle school. Yeah, what kid doesnt complain about school food, but this seemed a little different. They were saying there is not enough room in the cafeteria and a lot of the kids have to stand up during lunch break, and that the food is just leftovers and never warm or fresh.

In my opinion, neither one of these conditions are acceptable. They can easily stagger the lunch times to accommodate the crowding, and a hot meal should be standard. Kids need that meal during the day to recharge and get some energy back to prepare them for the afternoon.

I called the school and talked to the receptionist. I was informed that children are not standing to eat, but standing around waiting to go through the line. Will verify with daughter if she sees kids standing and eating. Thank goodness for camera phones. I was also informed that the food is actually not cooked there, but brought in from another school and reheated. This of course could give the impression of leftovers.

After talking with my daughter some more, I will repost some more information soon.

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