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Thursday, July 17, 2008

GPS tracking for kids

I am sure everybody remembers a few years ago the huge outbreak in child abductions that was on CNN every single night. And then how shortly there after there was all the talks about RF chipping the kids to find them. Well, its gone one step further now. Well, its been going on for a while, but its pretty easy to get this stuff now. GPS Tracking. Now you can always know where the kids are.

It doesn't stop there though, spouses can track spouses, bosses can track employees( they already do if you didn't suspect, those company dinners? Yeah). Some benefits are of course if your kid or dad get lost, you can find them. Somebody is injured, you can find them. Kid not where she is supposed to be on a date, GPS them to their hiding hole.

But what about the privacy concerns. What about knowing the somebody is GPS tracking you everywhere you go, logging your movements, your locations. Of course somebody will say if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Well genius, if that was true, stuff like the FISA bill wouldn't be passed. And say hypothetically you go to a friends house one night, you have been tagged by work, spouse, etc. 2 weeks later, the MIB show up at your house with proof you where in an apartment complex at the exact time a terrorist cell was meeting. Under the Patriot act that's all that is needed to haul your butt off to jail. All due to GPS tracking.

Like everything it has its pro's and con's.

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