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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Barack Obama and the Sheeping of America

Not since JFK have Americans fallen in love with a candidate so completely, and not since Bill Clinton has there been such a polished and articulate public speaker. Obama firmly has America under his sway, hanging on every word, every moment. Obamamites, as I like to call them, believe he is the messiah, can do no wrong, will fix every problem, and will lead America to a glowing new age. A few see him for what he is, and that is a politician.

Make no mistake, Obama is brilliant, articulate, well groomed, and very charismatic. However, and this is not a slam against him, he is a politician. This campaign has turned into a mudslinging campaign, finding it hard to seperate fact from fiction.

There are in my opinion, 3 types of Obama supporters.
Type 1: Obamamites. These are the ones who are turning this into a religious experience. He can do, and has done no wrong, is Jesus re-incarnated and will be the saviour of the country. Comments about Obama are responded to with accusastion of racism, or anti American, or being stupid, or part of a Rovian comspiracy to undermine the election. They are fanatics of the worst kind.

Type 2: The Traditional Democrat. These are the people who vote democrat, no matter what. They would never dream of voting any other way. Their parents, friends, family have always voted democrat, and they are a proud follower of this tradition.

Type 3. The "He is the lesser of two evils" type. This is actually two subtypes. People in this catagory have reservations about him. Either based on his policy, or his past voting history. The other half are of the he is not bush camp. People in this catagory typically have thought this out, compared the two on their own, and are voting based on the difference between the two campaigns.

There may be a few other types, but for the most part, his supporters fall into one of these three categories.

Obama himself has a large lead, probably unsurmountable without a major mistake on his or Bidens part. And honestly, as cliched as it is, this country needs change right now. Record foreclosures, record gas, record bankruptcies and unemployement has the average American scared about the future. But can or will Obama fix it?

First is can he fix it. At this point, there will be drastic actions that will be needed to "fix" most of the problems. He will have congressional support for a while, and will get to pass a few things. His tax plan is decent enough, and should help middle and lower America. His energy plan however is unsubstantiated and will not alleviate that problem. Plus he never really explains where he will get the majority of the funding to do what he wants. He says he will cut government spending, but how much? He will instantly lose support if he starts cutting out pet projects and people paycheck. Like every other politician before him, he will have to toe the line between feasible and doable.

Will he fix it. Once again, he will make attempts, but if past voting history is an example, it will not be something the people want. Do not forget, he voted yes to FISA. Against everything he has claimed, he preached, he voted to enable eavesdropping, and to not prosecute those who have and did. He also voted for the bailout bill, even though every economist said it was a bad idea. Granted McCain did as well.

He also voted against a Low income energy amendment to increase funding for this program. (Bill Number: HR 3010)

Has voted for defense budgets as are.

Has had a large number of NV in the past year( primarily so they can't be held against him).

Vote for Obama if you think he can help this country, but don't vote for him because you think he will change it all. You will be dissapointed. He is above all else, a politician.

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