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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why the Republicans will lose this election

Yes, I am calling it now. The republicans will and have already lost this election. They are not even trying anymore.

It began with Sarah Palin. I understand that it was political, to get a women in for VP pick. However in this case it was the wrong choice. She is and was mired in controversy in her home state of Alaska. This alone should have been reason enough not to pick her. But by picking her McCain destroyed his claims of inexperience on Obama. If something were to happen to McCain, Palin would become president. She is not experienced enough to handle that, and the American people know and understand this.

The next major failing is their inability to handle the racist remarks coming from their supporters at their rallys. McCain had the decency to look embarressed, but did nothing to stop the hecklers. As much as he proclaims himself to be decisive, he appears terribly undecisive when facing these dregs of humanity.

Their poll numbers are collapsing daily, and Obama really doesn't have to do anything except to not make a political, or personal gaffe. The republicans I believe know this, and are throwing the rest of the election. The main reason is the disaster the country is in. The shape of Amreica cannot be fixed in 4 years. Progress can be made, but not a complete and utter recovery. In 4 years the republicans will be back to rescue America, or that will be how they play it. The fickle Americans who love to debate over sports, cars and American Idol will believe the new stance, and we will have a Republican again for 4 or 8 years, to undo the mess of the Democrats. It will be the same type of campaign that allowed our current president to remain in power for 8 years.

Policies and politcs change with the wind, and the American peoples opinion goes with it. Who knows the shape we will be in come 2012, but one thing will be certain, there will be a Republican who is young, experienced and ready to attack Obama running a smooth and slick campaign.

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