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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Youtube and copyright

I am sure many of you are like me, and getting frustrated as hell over youtube removing songs and videos because of copyright infringement.

Artist, musicians, companies, let me explain something to you. Something you may not and obviously don't get. The fact that somebody takes the time to create a well done, artistic video, (something a lot of artist can't do)with your song as the backdrop means they like the music. These people have done more to turn me on to more songs and artist then any other means. And by you having them removed, it turns me off. You are getting absolutely free advertising of your music. A lot of people like me will see a good video, go straight to itunes and purchase the song.

Does it hurt you that somebody uses your song in a video and post it on the web? No, not in the least. Are you afraid somebody will hold up a tape player and record a fuzzy version of your song and get it for free? Most would rather pay $0.99 through itunes and get the high quality version.

Its free advertising, it gets your song out there, and it causes you no harm. So stop doing it already!!

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