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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health Care Reform

Health care reform is looming large in the news, and seems to be a make or break issue for President Obama. The depths to which this is being pushed, is dividing the nation. Obama's supporters have always been among the most passionate and fervent people in the country, so they are taking it upon themselves to be the front runners in his latest campaign.

But at what cost? The country is being divided daily, and while not to blame, they are a part of the problem, as is the extreme other side of the view. Celebrities(I use that term loosely) such as Rush and Glen Beck have whipped the anit-Obama supporters into just as violent frenzy. It doesn't matter which side is right or wrong, nor does it matter which side starts it, its time for the American people to end it.

This country has, since 9/11, been dividing based on any number of factors. The war on terror, the economy, the election, the loss of constitutional rights, health care reform, housing, jobs, and even the role of normal Americans in this new world we are entering.

Before anybody goes to protest or support at a rally, there are some simple things one needs to do. First, read the bill in its entirity before asking questions or getting inflamed. You may find that your view point is just factually wrong. Become an informed, not inflammed protestor.

Remember the person whose view differs from you is not unpatriotic, racist, idiot, left/right wing nutjob, liberal stoogie, or any other term people use to group those who do not share their viewpoint into. Attack the topic, not the person. They have a family and loved ones, and may be scared about the reform just as much as you are.

Last, keep it civil. There is enough violence, and if things are not drawn to a halt there will be even more division in the country.

Health care reform is needed, desperately, but lets be honest, its not something that should be done all at once, nor pushed and rushed. And please, the questions and concerns needs to be addressed, and answered honestly, not shrugged off as stupid or not worthy of time.

As Americans, we have the right to make our voice heard, but please, do so in a civil well thought out manner. Violence only creates more violence.

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