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Monday, July 6, 2009

The world we know

It is hard to get through a day without being confronted with the problems the world, American, and even Tennessee itself is facing. Our national debt has doubled this year, now well over 11 trillion dollars. Jobs are disappearing faster then they are appearing, and the economy is shrinking at a rapid rate. I suppose it was some experiences I encountered this weekend that brought it into sharp focus for me.

I got up early Saturday, with the intent of doing some car shopping. Jim Cogdill Dodge ran an add Friday night and had some cars on it I was interested in. I arrive in west knoxville a little after 10, and they were closed. I figured they would open up maybe around noon, so I decided to drive around a bit and look at other cars. First thing I noticed, was kingston pike was all but deserted. If you live in knoxville, you understand how rare this is. Second thing I noticed was more car lots were actually closed then open. On a saturday, and a holiday! I didn't expect them to be open all day, in fact I assumed most would close around 3 or 4. To be met with closed lots, no drivers on roads, got me thinking.

Are we as Americans giving up to our fate? Have we decided to roll over and wait for the government to bail us out? Cars gone, jobs gone, homes gone, gas up, food up, people pinching pennies every chance they get. Do Americans honestly believe that bigger more controlling government is the option? I hope not. It was just sad to see so few people out and about on independence day. Nothing like past independence days.

Its time to wake up and take back control of our lives. Don't wait on the government, they will keep spending and sending money to the rich and wealthy, middle class and below wont be seeing a dime. The sooner Americans realize this, the quicker we can recover.

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